Christian Floisand, M.Mus, B.Sc : Audio Programmer & Composer

Music score

Sound. Programming. I love both of them! Nothing affects us quite as viscerally as sound does, and programming is the foundation of digital creation. I actually went to school and got degrees in both. Crazy, huh? Yes, I stayed in school a long time, but that's okay because I was learning a whole lot and met many cool people along the way. Now that I'm out of school I'm keeping busy in both disciplines. I'm a member of the Toy Piano Composers, where I get to write cool new music that is premiered at concerts we put on here in Toronto, and I'm also programming like crazy writing plug-ins, learning as much as I can about DSP, and generally just loving it!

Over the past few years I've been fortunate to have worked on some cool projects with some very creative people. I've scored several short films, including three animations for graduating students at Sheridan College. As a member of the Screen Composers Guild of Canada I have participated in some wonderful programs that include scoring a short film for a director at the Canadian Film Centre, and taking part in an orchestration masterclass where I got to hear my music being performed by an orchestra. In 2010, a friend of mine (Igor Correia) and I created the music and sound effects for a video game called Steel Storm, which was released on Steam in 2011. It was amazing fun! It was through working and researching on audio for video games that I became fascinated with the technical side of it, hence the audio programming. It just kind of made sense to combine them, and I'm glad I did!

Fortunately, once I dove back into programming all that C++ stuff came rushing back. To be honest, when I first started programming, the idea was to make my own games. And I did! I made some text-based RPGs in Pascal, but they weren't very good. I kept going, however, and eventually made some cool game demos in DirectX with actual graphics and music! Then I got lured by my love of music and picked up a Master's degree along the way. But here we are, and now I'm super into this audio programming thing. Funny how life works sometimes, huh? You head off in one direction thinking "this will be cool", but then get side-tracked by something else and you think "this might actually be cooler", but then you realize they were both equally cool and so why not do both? Yep, life's pretty funny.


Twitter: @cfloisand

Music & Sound

Sound Design Replacement Demo (2012)

Sound Design Replacement Demo (2011)

FMOD Adaptive Ambience Demo (2011)

Sound Design Replacement Demo (2010)

Multimedia Demos

Steel Storm (2010-2011); video game by Kot-in-Action
Composer and Sound Designer, with Igor Correia
  • Main Themeplay
  • Desert Environment Musicplay
  • Industrial City Environment Musicplay
  • Sky City & Windmill Environment Musicplay
  • Flying Fortress Environment Musicplay
  • Hive Environment Musicplay

  • People Garden (2010, GCFC Match-up Program); film by Nadia Litz
  • Title Cueplay

  • Summer Vacation (2009); film by Casey Kirkpatrick
  • Scoreplay

  • Creatures of the Night (2009); film by Kieran McKay
  • Scoreplay

  • The Report (2009); film by Gustavo Cerquera
  • Scoreplay

  • Taking Flightplay
  • Midori: Main Theme (unfinished game)play
  • Midori: Ice Level (unfinished game)play
  • Dreamscapeplay
  • Imaginingplay
  • I <3 Music Beatsplay
  • Alpha Wolfe: Title (short film)play

  • Concert Works

    1. Umbral Reverie (2012); Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Double Bass, Pianoplay

    2. An Ephemeral Idea (2012); Trumpet, Violin, Double Bass, Pianoplay

    3. The Crossword (2012); Opera scene for mezzo-soprano, baritone, pianoplay
      watch on YouTube

    4. Wishful Land (2011); Electric guitar quartetplay

    5. Fractured (2011); Melodica, Piano, Acoustic Tableplay

    6. Three Fantastical Things (2011); percussion quartet
      1. I. Marionette play
      2. II. Snowglobe play
      3. III. Kaleidoscope play

    7. Poemography (2010); flute, clarinet, violin, cello, pianoplay

    8. A Wayfarer’s Journal (2009); orchestra

    9. Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird (2009); mezzo soprano, violin, piano play

    10. Pictures of a Traveling Gnome (2009); percussion ensemble
      1. I. Allegretto
      2. II. Tranquil play
      3. III. Allegretto
      4. IV. Elegy: Allegro play

    11. A Dream of Utopia (2008); 2 trumpets, horn, trombone, tuba

    12. Justorum Animae (2008); SAT choir

    13. Lullaby (2008); violin, celesta or piano play

    14. Ballade for String Trio (2008); violin, viola, cello play

    15. Odus Ku (2007); violin, bass clarinet, piano
      1. I. Rumination: Largo sostenuto play
      2. II. Scherzo: Allegretto giocoso play

    16. Phantom Lights (2007); clarinet

    17. Suite for Piano (2007); piano
      1. I. Prelude
      2. II. Invention
      3. III. Minuet play
      4. IV. Fugue

    18. Prelude (2006); piano play

    19. Variations on a Kite (2006); flute, oboe, clarinet
      1. I. The Little Kite
      2. II. The Kite of Moderate Size
      3. III. The Big Kite
      4. IV. Three Kites in a Storm

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